We "The Gratia family" belong to eminent Govindam Flavours – a brand in fragrances of its establishment in Kanpur, India. This humble and rooted family legacy is consistently delivered excellence while manufacturing essential oils and Indian natural perfumes (attars) for the past 85 years.


SHRI AKHILESH KUMAR MISHRA - A Legendary visionary who created GRATIA

When you know what you are doing is right then you put your heart into it and the same happened when Late Shri. Akhilesh Mishra Ji outlined the vision for GRATIA. It was his dream to create a breakthrough name in the world of fragrance. Although his love for fragrances was not new having purest extracts from naturally scented products and establishing a premium brand was his reverie.

He the pioneer was a passionate creator of his time, Late Shri. Akhilesh Kumar Mishra was the one who researched hundreds of fragrances and made thousands of blends and creations out of them, GRATIA is a fruitful result of his creations. The aromas he invented, today are used in GRATIA products. His commendable work is much appreciated in the fragrance industry.

He, Who was always keen to develop new fragrances, had designed and established his very personal laboratory where he experimented with natural fragrances. The plethora of fragrances was analyzed and new notes were created by him. He keenly assessed various fragrant herbs, flowers, natural extracts, and fragrant woods, and how those could be collectively added to form a remarkable blend. His passion for scents was so much that the moment he use to smell any fragrance, he was fairly able to find out the DNA of compositions and ingredients quite precisely within minutes of concentration in inhaling, this was one among several unique qualities that he possessed and people admired him for the same.

He started his career with 4 units which were managed by his father Late Shri. S.P. Mishra and under his father’s guidance learned the nitty-gritty of business entrepreneurship. Under the watchful eyes and guidance of Late Shri. A.K. Mishra’s leadership, the units produced several attars with distillation in field distilleries at Kannauj, Hasayan - district Aligarh (U.P.) for ROSE. At Kaluapalli, district - Ganjam (Odisha) for KEWRA  Moosanagar, and various other places for KHUS (Vetiver) and Kanpur for personal care products manufacturing Plant.

During the initial days of his career, he worked with renowned companies in India. People from similar trades were surprised by the level of knowledge he gained at a very young age about fragrances. He had been an ideal for several eminent founders and successful entrepreneurs who have looked up to him for his expert opinion and valuable guidance. The never-give-up attitude of our Mentor SHRI AKHILESH KUMAR MISHRA Ji expanded GOVINDAM FLAVOURS to the international level. He started his search for new product development with his creation of fragrances. SHRI AKHILESH KUMAR MISHRA ji was great and successful human being, a leader, a loving father and a historic innovator. Even till his last breath, he was working to create a new product with blend of jasmine absolute fragrance.

This great legend departed for the heavenly abode in the year 2016.

He created an endless name in the history of Indian fragrances for his coming generations to take it further and further.....

The Brand "GRATIA"

Nurturing a legacy of luxurious natural bath and body products...

With the abundance of natural goodness, we present to you our range of bath & body lines along with splendid home décor and awesome toiletries. Your search for organic indulgent products ends here. Each and every ingredient is well researched and handcrafted with precision for that exotic feel.

GRATIA is a dream vision of Late Shri Akhilesh Mishra Ji. It was his envisioned guidance and directions with which we bring the organic products with innovative incense to you.

The Legacy

Deriving from the state-of-the-art pure essential oil(s) and natural perfumes (attars) manufactured by the parent company Govindam Flavours, Kanpur (India), we are becoming better than the rest, in our iconic journey of more than 85 years.

Launch of GRATIA

With the blessings and strategic steps taken by our forefathers, this is where GRATIA belongs to! GRATIA brings an exotic product line of Luxury and rare fragranced organic bath and body collection, exhaustive perfumes and room fragrances for the people of class and the delicate handmade candles are best-selling beyond this there is much more to explore!